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21 marzo 2008

Roma Tre University - Centre for Excellence in Legal Research and Lord Bingham

Stefano Sandri & Francesca Maschio

There are few earthly things more enduring than a University.

Religions may split into sect or heresy; dynasties may perish or be supplanted, but century after century the University will continue,

and the stream of life will pass through it,

and the thinker and the seeker will be bound together in the undying cause of bringing truth into the world

[John Masefield, University of Sheffield, 25 June 1946]

On March 14, 2008, “Roma Tre” University of Rome – Italy - awarded to Lord Thomas Henry Bingham, Baron Bingham of Cornhill, the laurea honoris causa in law (J.D.).

The moral commitment and intellectual brightness of the President of the Supreme Court of UK is universally well-know. As a matter of fact, Lord Bingham is a strong advocate for divorcing the judicial branch of the House of Lords from Parliament by setting up a new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. The senior judicial career of Lord Bingham is astonishing, but we wish here to highlight and communicate the common feeling of the audience, while listening to his Lectio Magistralis, and sharing the same faith in “The Rule of the Law”.

For in a largely secular world divided by nationality, religion, race and political tradition recognition of the principles embodied in the Rule of Law may be seen as one of the most potent forces binding the nations together”.

Lord Bingham concluded:

We (the judges) are not, as we are sometimes see, mere custodians of a body of arid prescriptive rules but are, with others, the guardians of an all but sacred flame which animates and enlightens the society in which we live.”

As humble member of the academic community, as active guardians amongst the ‘others’, Roma Tre University is very proud to share this earthly, undying “University” and to contribute to feed such flame.

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