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18 marzo 2008

Hard work in Texas

Lorenzo Litta

It's evening in Europe, but the weather conditions are certainly really much better th
an here in Grapevine, Texas. we are attending the 7th and final session of the INTA Advanced Trademark Symposium and our dear friend and fellow-blogger Prof. Jeremy Phillips is speaking right now. It has been a very intensive conference, american style. The European partecipation is limited to a dozen of partecipants who are defending the interests and the costumes of the Old World. I'm not going to write about the content of the sessions, as Jeremy, already did it and very proofly contemporarily to the speakers and it would not be possible to do something better right now!

You can find Jeremy's posts here.

We can say that, at least, we have the primate to be the most-represented weblog at this interesting meeting, as there is Fabio with me...and we are trying to introduce new readers to Catch Us If You Can!!!, not only from the United States, as per the picture below. Personally I would only add that the most interesting session has been focused on fraud on the USPTO.

Hon. Judge Carlysle Walters has been really "covered" of questions by the partecipants (and from Fabio in particular). Nothing bad from Texas in conclusion, except my tired face in the picture with Jeremy...

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What a great post. Thanks much for sharing your experience.