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05 dicembre 2007

New OHIM guidelines on opposition, cancellation and international marks

Birgit Clark

By decision No. EX-07-6 of its President, OHIM has adopted a number of new gu
idelines with regards to opposition, cancellation proceedings and international marks. The decision came into force on 30 November 2007 and will be published in the Official Journal of the Office. The amendments to the guidelines concerning proceedings before the Office include:
1. Amendments of Part C, Opposition Guidelines
- Part 1: Procedural Matters
- Part 2, Chapter 1: Identity

- Part 2, Chapter 2: B. Similarity of Goods and Services

- Part 2, Chapter 2: C. Similarity of Signs
- Part 2, Chapter 2: D. Global Assessment

- Part 6: Proof of use;

2. Part D, Section 2: Cancellation Proceedings, Substantive Provisions;

3. Part M, International Marks.

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