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08 luglio 2008

iPhone news from the USPTO

Lorenzo Litta

Finally, after finishing the "struggle" against Cisco, Apple has formally filed a trademark application for "iPhone" in IC 16 (Paper goods and printed matter), 35 (advertising and business services), 37 (construction and repair services), 41 (education and entertainment services) and 42 (services, scientific, research and design) with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In fact, although the device has been on sale in the United States since last year, t
he company still does not technically own the trademark; this is likely due do the legal battle with Cisco, now resolved, over an existing VoIP phone which also bore the iPhone name.

At present, the companies are allowing each other to share the iPhone moniker.
Apple's new filing asserts priority based on a European CTM's application number 6530406, and comes with a figure depicting the standard iPhone logo.

Just for chronicle, the new application has been filed in the same week in which Apple will launch the next iPhone generation (with 3G).

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