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16 febbraio 2008

A taste trademark?

Stefano Sandri

The International press reported these days that a US company is launching on the market a new fruit juice under the mark Welch’sfor a TASTY fact” whereby you can remove a label and take a lick.

Everybody in IP environment likes discuss on non-conventional marks and one of the topics
is to admit, or not, the taste as a sign of identification of the origin of the product. Honestly I have been always in doubt thereabout or shall I now change my mind?

I don’t think so. Maybe I’d to test the taste in advance to be sure that the juice is what I ‘m looking for or to ask permission to a friend to lick his juice or…. Stop it. There is something wrong which escapes to me. For instance the real purpose of the producer in promoting this joke. Exactly. It’s a joke, and nothing else.

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