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03 dicembre 2007

Nice to meet you!

Lorenzo Litta

Sometimes it is a pleasure to meet some persons. Sometimes it is so funny to to meet some persons. Sometimes it is also wonderful to have the opportunity to meet some colleagues. Not at each time it is possible to meet Professor Jeremy Phillips! Last wednesday, November 28, I had the honour to meet Professor Jeremy Phillips in his office, Olswang, Holborn 90, London. Thank you Jeremy. I don't wanna add anything else. Thank you. I learnt something.

The Day after THE Meeting, I had the chance to visit some nice colleagues from the Firm Boult Wade and Tennant, including Dr. Birgit Clark, the IPKat's colleague that we are wooing to join also our blog... Let's see for developments! Thank you Tessa and Ashley for the nice day and for the enjoying meal!

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