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13 dicembre 2007

News on Patents from China


The patent legal system in China as a whole is consisted of patent law and its implementing regulations, regulations on patent commission, and a series of administrative rules enacted by SIPO (State Itellectual Property Office). The Chinese Patent Law was adopted by the National People’s Congress on March 12, 1984, effective as of April 1, 1985. The Law has been revised twice in the past and in April 2005, SIPO officially launched the preparations for the 3rd amendment to it. In order to complete the amendment with high quality and efficiency, through public bidding. SIPO released the research project to universities, scientific research institutions, governmental authorities, judicial authorities and social agencies through out the country. This week the project has been presented in Rome to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

The aim of the Third Revision of the Chinese Patent Law is:

    • to further invoke the activities of Chinese enterprises and individuals in scientific and technological innovations;

    • to raise the standards of patentability, and improve the quality and stability of granted patents;

    • to provide the public with more convenient and efficient channels in application, acquisition, and enforcement of patent rights;

    • to better balance the interests between right holders and the public.

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