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10 dicembre 2007

Italy defeats France: once more!

Lorenzo Litta

Once upon a time Italy and France were fighting in the Alps with swords and shields. Who does not remember Julius Caesar, Asterix and Obelix? In the Middle Age, Italy and France were still challenging but mostly on arts, from literature to painting. Finally Leonardo da Vinci had probably been the only winner, with no flag, universal genius of humanity for his bright mind.

The sharp intellect of Leonardo invented and forged several instruments and prototypes that are commonly used nowadays. Most of them had to be considered patents.
In the historical struggle between these "cousin-countries", patents have been the new frontier.
Let me explain. Everyone knows what the EPC 2000 is.
For people who are not aware of EPC 2000, they can click here.

Well, we signed it, finally, at the end, almost. Last but not least we ratified it on December, 6, 2007. Exactly one week before the expiring of the terms. The question is: why? The answer is very easy: we want to defeat France once more. In Germany, after the "holy night" of Berlin, no way to win for France. (To be clearer: France ratified EPC 2000 only on December 5...).

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