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11 dicembre 2008

What's your favourite colour?

Lorenzo Litta

Needless to say, in the European Countries the most favourite colour for cars is still BLACK. Why? Easy to say, it is elegant, charming, sophisticated, aggressive. However the most interesting result of 2008 Automotive Color Popularity Report, sponsored by DuPont, is the fact that abroad and worldwide WHITE is the most favourite one.

Meanwhile in Europe is increasing the number of buyers who decide to opt for a flaming white car, doesn't matter whether it is a new SUV or a powerful cabriolet. Therefore still BLACK and WHITE.

What does this mean for trademark owners? Maybe nothing...or a depends from the point of view... I just would like to remember how colours could be important in the choices of consumers... Did you all understand the meaning and the range of the post "When repetita non iuvant" of Professor Sandri?

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