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09 giugno 2008

New OHIM website from 1 July

Lorenzo Litta

Browsing the OHIM website we discovered that a new website will be released on July, 1, 2008. Here there is a brief note taken from the website:

The site has been designed to be more welcoming while also providing professional users with easy access to the tools they need to register trade marks and designs and to manage their interactions with the office. The front page includes a "professional area" with direct links to MyPage, legal texts and case-law. There is also quick access from every page to OHIM's databases and to the e-filing tools and forms.

The new site, which has been developed after consultation with users, includes better search features, an expanded news service, and access to basic information to help less frequent visitors orient themselves. The content has been rewritten and reorganised, and OHIM will also be introducing interactive elements including user discussions, polling and multimedia. More information will be made available progressively over the coming weeks to help users make the transition to the new website.

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